“Trying to comprehend Jeffrey Dahmer is to understand or attempt to understand the power of loneliness and alienation at its absolute core.” —Case Detective, Pat Kennedy

Why am I writing a novel about Jeffrey Dahmer?

If medical science failed to comprehend Jeffrey Dahmer—and it did—eight different psychiatrists could not arrive at a conclusive diagnosis for Dahmer’s life, compulsions, and murders—I decided that perhaps art could.

To attempt the first steps towards a comprehensive narrative of Dahmer is to pay tremendous, otherworldly credence to the power of fantasy and what happens when fantasy replaces Freud’s reality principle—the ballast that civilized humans situate their life around.

Therefore, I am writing a fictional novel about Dahmer. A book that steps away from rationality and drifts into the realm of the heart, in keeping with Blaise Pascal:

“The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.”

In other words, I’m writing a romance novel.

Who is The Dahmer Diaries’ creator, Frederick Woodruff?

My bio as a published writer, artist, and professional astrologer can be found on my WOODRUFF Substack. A recent Substack interview with me is located here.

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We all started life as innocent children. As the philosopher Ernest Becker once noted:

“The man who dropped the atom bomb is the warm gentle boy who grew up next door.”


I’m writing a novel about Jeffrey Dahmer. My newsletter details the craft of fiction, the blending of True Crime and the imagination, and how astrology pulls it all together. Something for the whole family!


I use astrology as next-level psychoanalysis…of the culture, the arts, the individual. I'm the house astrologer for Corridor Menswear NYC.